Sustainable Stories

Interactive Story

July, 2020

Sustainable Stories is my master’s project from Stanford. It is a collection of interactive stories about people taking positive action for the environment. The global reach of climate change as well as the global response lead to its world map design.

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Each icon represents a real person who is taking a unique initiative that is: 1. Affordable 2. Replicable 3. Non-location specific (though not necessarily able to be used in every location) 4. Scientifically backed to improve the state of the environment

A user can click on an icon to be interact with the person’s story and learn about both issue and their solution.

The modes of research this project is built on: * Learn by doing (John Dewey) * Learning through storytelling (Jennifer Aaker) * Dynamic norms (Gregg Sparkman)

Check out the video below for an overview of the project.

Visit the website here. (Only a few stories are currently linked.)